Choose to purchase:

  • One gift (a want OR a need) for one child

  • Two gifts (a want AND a need) for one child

  • Four gifts (a want AND a need) for two children in the same family

Once you sign up, you’ll...

  1. Receive an ornament from your child’s homeroom teacher detailing the age and gender of the child(ren) you’ll be shopping for, as well as gifts the child is requesting. *PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR UPDATED INFORMATION*

  2. Shop for your gift(s), wrap nicely, and tie or tape your ornament to the outside of your package. (This is extremely important as it’s the only way we know which gift goes where.)

  3. Drop your gift(s) off on Tuesday, December 8th at Crossroads West Side from 7:30-9:00 am or 6:00-8:00 pm.

*Our team of elves will be assigning ornaments, then working to distribute them at the beginning of next week (November 16). For participants who live in the district, we will be hand delivering your ornaments. They will be placed either in your mailbox or near your front door (under a door mat, stuck in your door, etc.). We will be mailing ornaments to participants who live outside the district. Please keep an eye out for these ornaments!

No time to shop? Send cash or check (made out to Three Rivers PTO) in an envelope labeled “PTO Giving Tree ℅ Krista Faust” to the school office and we’ll do the shopping for you!

Questions? Contact Krista Faust, Sarah McManus, or